Egyptian Hydraulic Engineering - المصرية للهندسة الهيدروليكية

EHE is a leading Egyptian company in trading and servicing offering the complete range of hydraulic and pneumatic components together with lubrication and greasing products as well as thermal insulation equipments. Behind this name; EHE lies more than 20 years of experience in sales and engineering of hydraulic and pneumatic components. 

With EHE International collection of well-known brand names, we are in a position to offer optimum solutions for all our precious customers’ problems according to the slogan; ''EHE'' is your guaranteed solution”.

EHE’s main aim is to reply all the customers’ demands in North Africa and the Middle East markets in the following:

Importing, selling and maintaining all hydraulic pumps and motors for top hydraulic brands.

 You can also depend on EHE in other related fluid power components such as: valves, manifolds, filters, hoses, pipes, fitting, test equipments, power units, electric motors and engines.

Manufacturing of Hydraulic Power Packs / Hydraulic Power Units up to 85 HP

Manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinders up to 250 mm. diameter.

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hydraulic egyptAxial Piston Pumps Type V40M

The variable displacement pump type V40M works according to the swash plate principle usually driven via the ancillary drive. It is intended for open circuit operation in mobile hydraulics. In optional thrushaft enables direct mounting of additional variable displacement pumps or a feed pump. more...

hydraulic egypt

New! V60N-130: High Pressure and High Volume

V60N-130 Axial Piston Pump

The newest addition to the V60N series of HAWE's variable displacement axial pistion pumps is ready for high pressure and high volume, with working pressures of up to 5800 psi (6090 psi peak) and displacement volumes up to 8 in3/rev. more...

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