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Saar-Metallwerke GmbH
Saar Metall was founded in 1925 as a near-by supplier to the local steel industry in the Saarland,

Luxemburg and Lorraine area.

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Saar Metall is still specialized in the processing of non ferrous metals.

I. e. pure high conductive copper as well as copper and aluminum alloys. Our products are sold all over the  

World, with 60 % of our production being exported.





Solocuivre Sàrl
In 1935 Saar Metall's  first French subsidiary, Solocuivre Sàrl, was founded.
Solocuivre Sàrl is located in Sarreguemines, on the nearby French-German border.







SM France Sàrl
In 1989 the second French subsidiary SM France Sàrl, was founded. Today SM France is

 a 100 % subsidiary of Solocuivre.SM France Sàrl is also located in Sarreguemines.








Hundt & Weber GmbH
On January 1st, 2005 Saar Metaal integrated Hundt & Weber GmbH, Siegen, into SaarMetall's

company group.

Saar Metall  main manufacturing processes are:







  • Casting


  • Forging


  • Welding / Soldering



The main field of activity is the manufacturing of products for heavy sector, particularly for the iron and steel industries:



  • Industrial furnace manufacture


  • Mechanical engineering


  • Pumps


  • Gears


  • Electrical equipment


  • Welding machines


  • Vehicles


  • Petrochemical industry


  • Chemical industry


  • Shipbuilding


  • Fittings for heat exchangers


  • Offshore industry


  • Hollow glass industry, plastics industry











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