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HAWE high-quality solutions, customised for current and future markets.


HAWE is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, high-quality hydraulic components and systems. the company's headquarter is in Munich. HAWE also has five other plants in Germany, and an international sales network with thirteen subsidiaries in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region.

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HAWE is the only major manufacturer in our industry exclusively using steel for all pressurized components. And we supply components in a consistently modular structure. No aluminium or cast iron is used in any pressurized part. Our "modular concept" includes the whole range of product areas. From hydraulic units and cylinders to valves and pumps of all kinds and even our electronic economizing circuits and accessories. This is why that we are able to design the ideal hydraulic solution.

Moreover, We can implement unusual solutions even for complex problems. Nowadays, HAWE products have become absolutely indispensable in over 70 different industries, from tool machines to lifting technology, material flow technology, construction machines, mobile cranes, ship construction and even the off-shore industry. This is because the basic principle of our quality philosophy is just as important as our various CAD, CAQ and PPS systems: at HAWE, quality is the norm.
Therefore, HAWE products are compact, reliable, and provide the benefits of minimal installation sizes.

As HAWE believes that It is every company's duty to reconcile economics with the environment, All of the HAWE products are friends to the environment.

Consultancy, project planning and support are part of our performance package.That’s why HAWE only choose distinctive players as partners in different countries. As an international hydraulics supplier, HAWE is represented in all the major industrialised nations  In Egypt,HAWE – according to its clearly defined criteria - Had found the Egyptian Hydraulic Engineering Co.-EHE- the right choice for the intended mission.
EHE with its vast experience in Hydraulic and Pneumatic fields, along with its well trained staff had deserved to join the HAWE team.


Important Historic Glance:  The relationship between Volvo & HAWE

The original company name of Volvo was firstly founded on 1901 under the name of Kamper. After the 2nd world war Kamper had been belonged to several owners. Since 1974 Kamper had belonged to Volvo Hydraulics. 1992 the managers of Volvo Hydraulics company had given it the name of InLine Hydraulik . 1998 it was sold to HAWE Hydrauliks, Munich. The company’s name now is HAWE InLine Hydraulik. HAWE InLine Hydraulik still build the V30B – pumps in the same shape than for Volvo.

HAWE produces V series pumps. These  pumps are suited for a wide range of applications due to their low running noise and various pump controllers. Hydraulic circuits where several outlet flows are required can be fed either by one individual pump or a multiple pump. Main benefit of these pumps are the sturdy design, the good performance /weight ratio, long service life due to oversized bearings, and the swash plate angle indicator. For more detailed information, please refer to our data sheet (PDF file).

Variable displacement axial piston pumps type V30   “ V30E “





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